About Us

永遠在音樂節喝得酩酊大醉,帶著灌滿伏特加的水樽大搖大擺進場、Kill碟 總慢人一步。樂迷的日常,Glass Onion從未缺席。

如果音樂世界太豐富撩亂,Glass Onion就是你的小伙伴。


若那人仍未出現,暫讓Glass Onion代勞。

通過Glass Onion 觀看世界,音樂是歷史,是陰謀,是笑話,是派對,更是你和我的母 語。關於音樂的種種,我們帶你去看。

我們的讀者敏銳、知性、調皮、愛好音樂、電影及藝術。Glass Onion讓大家聚頭,互相窺看彼此的秘密。


Looking through a Glass Onion, 讓我們填滿你的精神世界。

It’s all about getting drunk at music festivals, sneaking in with a water bottle filled with vodka , and being outbidded on your best-loved second-hand vinyl on eBay. Glass Onion is within music fans’ everyday life.

If the music wonderland is too dazzling, Glass Onion might partner with you.

We believe fans’ best experience is more than lingering at record stores or relishing the moment when your favourite band sings your favourite song. Rather, its essence lies in sharing the fandom with a person who understands your thoughts.

If this person has yet to come, let Glass Onion be it.

Looking through a Glass Onion, music is history, a conspiracy, a jest, a party, and also our mother tongue. We carry you to explore from head to toe.

Our readers are keen, intellectual, naughty and avidly interested in music, movies and art. Glass Onion gathers fans and allows us to unveil each others’ secrets.

You are never alone here.